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Aging Pet Care

Cats and dogs age much faster than people. In fact, most dogs and cats are considered “senior” by the time they are 7 years old. As your pet gets older, they can develop health issues associated with the aging process including dental problems, loss of vision or hearing, attitude changes, and/or arthritis. Additional issues can be even more severe including heart, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, or cancer. However, detecting these geriatric conditions early, before they become serious, can be critical to your pet living a long and healthy life.

That is why at Gardens Animal Hospital, we strongly believe in preventive and proactive health care for your senior pet. If we can detect health problems in their earlier stages, we can help decrease your pet’s pain, suffering and discomfort, and even increase their lifespan.

However, it is unfortunately not always possible to detect some of these problems on a routine physical examination alone. Additionally, many of our pets do not show any signs of illness at home until advanced stages of disease. Therefore, we have created our CARE Program to help diagnose any hidden problems earlier and to help maintain the highest quality of life for your senior pet.

Our CARE Program Includes:

· Comprehensive Physical Exam

· Comprehensive Blood Screening (CBC, Chem, T4, Lytes)

· Heartworm Test

· Urinalysis

· Intestinal Parasite Screen

· Urinalysis

· Screening X-Rays

· Blood Pressure Reading

· K-Laser Therapy Session


** Regular price is $495 **

Contact us today to take advantage of this special program and learn more about how our CARE Program can make a difference in your pet’s life!

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