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K9 Officer Bady Needs Life Saving Care

K9 Officer Bady was, and still is a decorated officer. K9 Bady served the state of Florida for a solid 8 years. During his service, K9 Bady suffered a broken back. K9 Bady had surgery to repair his back and even returned to duty until his retirement in 2019. K9 Bady is a loving, caring soul, which showed in his work, and even so in his retirement.

Late at night K9 Bady collapsed in his home. Terrified, his owner rushed him to a 24 hour ER to find the cause. After a workup, the ER found a tumor on K9 Bady’s spleen. As if that was not startling enough - the tumor was bleeding into his abdomen. K9 Bady needed emergency surgery that very night.

As the medical staff was preparing K9 Bady for his procedure, he went into cardiac arrest. K9 Bady had CPR performed on him for minutes. The attempts at CPR were successful and K9 Bady was brought back to life. He was then prepped for his emergency abdominal surgery to remove his spleen, called a splenectomy. As he was under anesthesia and the procedure progressed, he lost a grand total of 1.5 liters of blood. He woke up from anesthesia and stayed in the hospital, in ICU, for a few days. He was discharged back to his owner. The ER sent out a piece of his spleen to see what was growing.

Unfortunately, the tumor came back from the lab as a malignant, aggressive type of tumor called hemangiosarcoma. K9 Bady needed to be checked out further to make sure this tumor did not spread to other organs. An ultrasound was performed and, very luckily, there was no evidence of spreading to the other organs in his abdomen. (Yay K9 Bady!)

K9 Bady will need frequent check ups, which will include exams, bloodwork, xrays, and more ultrasounds. K9 Bady will need your help with this! Any donation to Gardens Animal Hospital and their Justice Program will benefit and go toward treating and helping this wonderful, brave, and incredible K9 Officer. We at Gardens Animal Hospital, and espeically K9 Bady and his family, thank you for anything you donate!

To donate text "Justice" to 561-622-6300.

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