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K9 Valco Needs Your Help!

The Justice Program works only with retired K9 Officers. Retired K9’s often do not have medical coverage from their departments once their service is completed - we are changing that. With that said, I’d like everyone to meet the handsome K9 Valco!

K9 Valco was born in Germany and came to the USA to start his work. He began his service with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department in 2014 with his handler, Officer Tiyaloglu.

During his years of service, K9 Valco had multiple accomplishments under his belt. K9 Valco was certified in Patrol, Tracking, and Drug detection. K9 Valco was also a member of the PBGPD SWAT Team, which specializes in weapons and tactics. K9 Valco has apprehended numerous suspects, intimidated countless criminals, and has been the one to find copious amounts of narcotics and contraband. One of K9 Valco’s highlights was locating a murder suspect who fled the scene to hide. K9 Valco found him hiding underneath a boat with a firearm in hand. K9 Valco located him swiftly.

K9 Valco retired in 2021 at age 9. That is when The Justice Program had the wonderful opportunity to meet him and Officer Tiyaloglu. We have the absolute pleasure of helping K9 Valco with any of his medical needs. About two weeks ago, K9 Valco came in to see Dr. Ciucci and myself for an odd growth right under his anus. The growth was not painful to K9 Valco in any way, and it was soft. After some trials with a few medications, Dr. Ciucci and Officer Tiyaloglu agreed that K9 Valco should be sedated so we could investigate further.

While under sedation, K9 Valco underwent x-rays and an ultrasound done on the growth. It was found to be a perineal hernia on both sides of his anus. A perineal hernia occurs when the pelvic diaphragm becomes weak. When this happens, internal organs can slip past the diaphragm and make their way into odd places. In K9 Valco’s case, his bladder and a part of his intestines were popping in and out of his diaphragm. K9 Valco needed surgery rather quickly to fix this hernia or it could become deadly and emergent.

On April 21, 2022, at Gardens Animal Hospital, K9 Valco underwent bilateral perineal hernia repairs with a board certified veterinary surgeon. The surgery was a success, and K9 Valco went home with Officer Tiyaloglu, but the recovery will be a long road. K9 Valco will need numerous rechecks, medications, and monitoring. Please consider donating to our non profit organization, The Justice Program, so we can continue to give K9 Valco and other retired K9’s the medical care they deserve!

To donate to Valco’s medical care, text "Valco" to 561-622-6300. Checks can be made out to Gardens Animal Hospital.

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