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The Justice Program at Gardens Animal Hospital

Did you know most retired K9 Officer’s do not receive any medical benefits? It’s true. While K9 Officer’s are under contract and working their medical expenses are covered by the department they work for. However, once a K9 Officer retires and gets to live out the rest of his or her life enjoying retirement, the department they worked for must get a new K9. A new K9 Officer is extremely expensive to purchase then starts their medical care and that is why most departments are unable to continue medical benefits once a K9 Officer retires. We completely understand. And that is why we started The Justice Program.

We do not want the stress of a retired K9 Officer’s medical bills to weigh heavy on the shoulders of their handler. We want to help as much as we possibly can.

The Justice Program Member Benefits:

· 2 Wellness Physical Exams Per Year

· Annual Fecal Screening

· Bi-Annual Heartworm Testing

· 20% Discount

· Additional Medical Coverage Through Donations

Coverage Provided In 2019:

· 1 Emergency Visit Totaling: $600 (100% Covered By Donations)

· 1 Surgical Cancerous Tumor Removal Totaling: $754 (100% Covered By Donations)

· Discounts For Annual Visits

· Discounts For Medications

· Over $1700 Raised In Donations

How Many Retired K9’s Are Enrolled: 3

How Many Active K9’s Are Under Contract at GAH: 1

Please join us! Donate today to help us reach our goal of providing the best possible care for retired (and working) K9 Officer’s. 100% of donations will go directly to medical care for retired K9 Officers.

Simply click the link below and select "Donate Now" to donate to The Justice Program.

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