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Gardens Animal Hospital

Welcome to the family!

Welcome! We are truly thankful that you have chosen Gardens Animal Hospital to meet your pet’s needs.  We have been serving Palm Beach County for over 40 years and we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.  We offer exceptional services to meet all your pet’s needs!

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wellness &
preventative care

Yearly wellness exams are important for keeping your pet in tip-top shape.  Let GAH help you develop a wellness program that’s right for your pet and may include important screenings based on your pet’s age, environment, and habits.  We offer 3-year vaccines and titers as well as nutritional and dietary supplements to keep your pets healthy

surgical center

GAH offers surgical services for emergency and routine procedures using the most advanced anesthetic and pain control techniques and monitoring equipment. We take great care to assure our patients are receiving the safest, most comfortable surgical procedure possible.  We routinely perform growth removals, orthopedic, and abdominal surgeries such as splenectomy, foreign object, or bladder surgery. 

pet hotel

Our completely renovated Pet Hotel offers several options for guests in our nautical themed facility.  We also have many add-on options so your dog can fully enjoy their hotel stay.


Treat your pet to a day at our spa!  Grooming includes a bubble bath, blow-out, pedicure, brushing and ear cleaning.  We also offer baths, nail trims, and other additional a la carte services at reasonable rates as well.

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Dr. Lisa Ciucci
Practice Owner

Special interests include surgery and dentistry


Dr. Valerie Valerio

Special interests include dermatology, dentistry and internal medicine.

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Dr. Alejandra Gonzalez

Special interests include internal medicine, dermatology, and dentistry


Dr. Kristy Cash

Special interests include ophthalmology and internal medicine

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Dr. Samuel Grodin

Special interests include dermatology, dentistry and surgery


Dr. Beth Keser

Special interests include surgery and dentistry

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